Pastors & Staff

Justin Deuel

Lead Pastor

Justin Deuel and his wife, Jenny joined the church 6 months after it opened. 5 years later, Justin was asked to step into the Lead Pastor role. He loves his family and his church to the best of his ability, but his priority is loving his Father (in Heaven). 

Alex Ruhter

Founding Pastor

Alex Ruhter and his wife, Darla, started The Way Community Church on April 5th, 2015. Nearly 6 years later, the Lord led his family through a transition into entrepreneurship. He is still connected to and involved in the leadership team of the church.

Peggy Deuel

Worship Leader

Peggy Deuel serves as our Worship Leader each week. Peggy was always interested in music, but in the last few years has began to grow in leaps and bounds. She has learn multiple instruments and desires to invite the presence of God in every worship environment. 

Jenny Deuel

Wave Kids Director

Jenny Deuel serves our children every week. She has supernatural gifts of working with kids. She works selflessly to make sure your kids are loved every week!